Housewives World 2010 Adult 18+ DVD Free Download 480p

  • Rohail
  • 29-12-2015

Housewives World 2010 Adult 18+ DVD Free Download 480p

Description: Housewives World 2010 Adult 18+ DVD Free Download 480p p is working on a secret space satellite. After a disagreement with her husband Max, Karen storms out of their house. She finds a meteorite near to the house, and is immediately possessed once she picks it up by an alien life form, sent back in time to earth to stop Max’s satellite project. With this meteorite Karen makes two necklaces which she gives to her neighbors Rita and Carla (also part of Max’s project). No one suspects Carla of being a spy together with her husband Tom. However, because of Karen’s necklaces, Rita and Carla are now both also possessed by two other alien entities.This is one of a range of tongue in cheek soft porn films with various overlapping participants including a basically straight role (here playing the boss) in each. I liked “The Devil Wears Nada” the best, but this is one of the better ones. Overall, it is a good experience.Heather Vandeven is the lead here and as in “Life On Top,” though she comes off a bit stiff at times, she has a nice acting style in the non-sex roles. Distinctive voice.She also handles something of a duo role (before and after the alien invasion) well. Starting off as a sharp tongued wife (the title is a misnomer in that no one here is really a “housewife” — she is coming home from a business trip, another works at some tech firm & apparently isn’t married & the third isn’t really given much of a back-story).Another review speaks of “unintentional” humor but these films are intentionally satiric. The espionage subplot down to its conclusion is not supposed to be taken seriously, for instance. The characters in these films generally have fun with this sort of thing.I personally like films like this to have a bit of plot to go along with the porn and this one has enough to move things along. Some amusing aspects including how the husband gets a neighbor to have sex with him & what happens afterward. Of course, we are here mainly for the soft porn. I think some might find these scenes a mixed bag, but Heather and Rebecca Love was my favorite with an interesting back shot at her pubic hair that is notable…..

Rating: 5.3/10
Genres: Comedy | Sci-Fi

Duration: 273 MBHousewives World 2010 Adult 18+ DVD Free Download 480p
Size: 82 Minutes

Housewives World 2010 Adult 18+ DVD Free Download 480p

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